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I write about different, random things in my LJ, then I tend to not write for months on end. I'm always here though, logging in to check communities. So if you want to message me, feel free.

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You know, I really think my next computer is going to be a Mac, forever and ever.

Why? The apple store really treats you well. I love it. You DO spend more, but it's really money well spent on an excellent computer with a great OS and if something goes wrong, there's awesome staff looking out for you.

So anyway, the casing on my white macbook had been coming off. It wasn't a major thing, it was just coming off in a few places and it was a known design flaw in the polycarbonate macbooks. It had to be fixed, but it wasn't something that needed to be fixed OMG RIGHT NOW. I had previously tried to get it fixed, but I was told it could take a week. At the time I needed my computer, so I decided to wait until I wouldn't need it/could make do with my Dell.

Well, I had finally decided to move my butt and make an appointment (because my Dell now has the Adobe CS4 Master Suite, so if I need to get some work done, I can) to get this thing fixed. I made sure to make a backup of my data (effing LOVE Time Machine <333) and I headed to the apple store.

It was a little crowded—not really surprised about that—and I checked in with my appointment. I was seen at EXACTLY my appointment time and the guy I went to was really great. The other Genius next to him struck up a conversation with me about Sonic because my wallpaper was currently switching between Sonic ones XD.

Anyway, the Genius handling my case was awesome! He was able to get the tech in the back to fix my laptop in a half hour. No waiting a week or two, I got it back right there! I was so happy and it looks like brand new now!

This is my first mac (I've had it for a year now) and I'm really loving it. I still like PCs, but I really see why people love Apple and their computers. They not only make great stuff, but they make sure to take care of you too.

Paper Mario Series Completion Status: Chapter 2 of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • Urg, see, Macs...I'm not a fan of them. At all. I pretty much hate Macs and any experience I have with them. XD I used them last semester a lot for digital photo, and I just constantly got frustrated!! The thing is, as an art major, you basically NEED to know how to use a Mac, which upsets me to no end. Dx I'm going to need to get a new laptop soon, this one is on it's way out and... I figure I maybe SHOULD just get a Macbook but they're so expensive. ;___; I can spend $600 for a brand new PC, no problem, I won't be put too far back. But a Macbook, $2,000 or however much they are...well. That's a lot more. And I don't see WHY they're so much better... I mean, people say things, but I like my PC a lot. XD

    One day I think I'll just go to the apple store when it's not busy, and be to one of the people working there, "Tell me why I should get a Mac." |D
    • macs are actually cheaper now! They lowered the prices :D Annnddd you could always load Windows onto it and have both OSes.

      They aren't for everyone, but it might be worth it for you to get one (maybe a refurb?) if you're going into a career that pretty much requires them. I'm heading into education and some schools use macs for education purposes...but I really bought one because I had been wanting one for a long time XD;

      Adelphi's macs suck (a lot of them are old) which is why you probably had a bad experience. The library has the sexy new ones, so play around on those for a while if you want to try them out :3
      • They're still expensive enough. |D;;;

        Lol, part of me wants one, but part of me doesn't care, and doesn't want to like it... which is why I'm so against it. I just don't want to like them. ^^;;

        XDDD AHAHA, maybe.
        Really? Where in the library...? I was in there today and only noticed the PCs... ._.
  • When you go up the stairs to get to the second floor, if you go right you should see a row of macs. There aren't that many there, but the ones that ARE there are packed with the software you need (you know, Photoshop, etc ;) )

    Although I haven't been in the library in quite some time (since last semester) I doubt they got rid of them. A lot of students in the art track would probably benefit from having them there. The best though is when the library is full during lunch and all the PCs are taken—the macs are usually free! People get so confused and flip out if they have to use one ;) oh well, leaves them open for me to get stuff done.

    Those macs are fairly new and have Leopard on them, which as of last friday was the newest mac OS. The other macs at Adelphi (even the ones we have in the web department D: ) are at least 3 years old, probably older (Some of the ones I've seen as a frosh haven't been replaced...).

    If you're confused about anything, just google "switching to mac." There are a crapload of guides out there that are geared towards things windows users would be confused about. Even if you're never going to buy one, they'll help you get familiar with the OS—especially since they're geared towards people who think in the "windows" sense. I'm sure that'll save you a lot of headaches during your studies and when you get job :)
  • you know what? I'm stupid. You need to go left when you get up the stairs XD...

    The guides I talked about? That's how I learned to use macs.

    I still use a PC at work. I could have switched to the macs (especially since it's web design..) but I'm afraid I'd forget how to use PCs XD;

    Plus I still like them :( do PCs really get all the viruses Mac people say they do? Not if you're smart about your web-browsing I think.
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