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I write about different, random things in my LJ, then I tend to not write for months on end. I'm always here though, logging in to check communities. So if you want to message me, feel free.

Check out my profile page if you want to know more about me.

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I saw Ponyo yesterday with my little brother. It was adorable! <33 I had a really great time.

I don't think this movie was one of Miyazaki's best, but it was still a wonderful movie, and I really want to watch Spirited Away now. My brother and I are hoping that Netflix has it available to watch instantly—we don't feel like waiting for a DVD to get here. XD

Got back into the Paper Mario replaying today after getting sucked into Mirror's Edge for a while (I was trying to get the achievement for completing the game without shooting anyone, I succeeded!). I think I'm enjoying the music in Thousand Year Door a lot more than the original.

Paper Mario Series Completion Status: Chapter 1 of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
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