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Sackperson Thoughts


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I write about different, random things in my LJ, then I tend to not write for months on end. I'm always here though, logging in to check communities. So if you want to message me, feel free.

Check out my profile page if you want to know more about me.

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January 3rd, 2037


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This Journal is Semi-Friends Only

Certain posts will be public, but the majority of the journal will be friends only. As of July 23, 2009, most entries will be public. I'll still have a few private ones though.

Comment to be added. I am always open to meeting new people and making new friends, and if we have things in common I bet we'll get along really great.

Cookies to people who guess the significance of the date.

March 12th, 2010

Hard Drive Update Get!

Klonoa crazy
So I finally broke down and bought a larger hard drive for my macbook :) What pushed me over the edge was the fact that I could also use the drive sitting in my macbook for my PS3! It was kind of like some super bonus to the upgrade that I couldn't pass up (especially since I got my PS3 pretty cheap in the first place).

It was fairly easy to do the whole process, and even though the guides online have shown that opening up an older macbook and popping in a new hard drive is a painless process, I had my brother take care of that part for me. He's built computers before and I'd rather have someone used to that stuff take care of it. He looked at the guide I found online and laughed at how easy it was, however :)

We did run into a hiccup on my end (I told him I just needed help putting the drive in, installing everything and transferring my data is something I could do on my own). I forgot...I had to format the drive. My brother was a good sport—googling things to see what was wrong—but he knows very little about macs in general. We tried a few things before I slapped my forehead and opened up Disk Utility to format the hard drive. After I installed Leopard (rather quickly!) I transferred my data from my latest Time Machine backup. The whole process from putting in the drive to transferring my data took about 2 and a half hours—including time lost to my stupidity! Rather quick considering I had around 100GB of data to transfer.

There were a few strange things after the transfer but I really can't complain as Time Machine restored everything, and I meant everything. My files, settings, what apps I have on the dock, even the network I connect to...it's almost as if I never swapped the drive in the first place. The only odd thing is that my clock was for some reason set to Mountain Time instead of EST, and I had to re-authenticate iTunes (which I expected to have to do, tbh). Things easily fixed.

The drive is faster and I've got a whole lot of space let on my HD now :)

February 22nd, 2010

When you Find it...

Klonoa crazy
Today I got to teach for a little bit during my fieldwork. I was surprised how natural it felt, but I guess it should, right?

It's just weird. Coming into college I had no idea what I wanted to do and it sort of felt like I stumbled on this teaching thing and yet it feels so natural. I have no fears about standing up in front of a room of kids (or people in general for that matter, I've been able to pull supposed "great" speeches out of my ass at a moment's notice).

Yet when I look back on my life—all of it really—I find that it's always been there. I just needed to wake up and realize that this is what I was supposed to do. I always wondered what it was like to be a teacher, I got to teach a lesson to younger kids while in elementary school, I always liked working with the younger kids in general, I tutored in high school and while in college I've always managed to be sort of a mentor to the underclassmen in my program. They constantly come to me for questions (especially if they're the same major as I am) and know that I'm always willing and able to answer.

In the back of my mind I always had that little voice telling me "Hey, you should be a teacher," but I would tell it to shut up. People told me I was smart after all, I could probably get some high-paying career doing...well I don't know, something.

I know I'm not supposed to work in an office, I just know it. But it still just feels weird and odd to find that thing I'm supposed to do with the rest of my life. It's a hard feeling to describe, but I just know that this is what I'm supposed to do.

I just wish I could fast forward to when I have my own classroom :O I'm tired of being on the sidelines!

February 15th, 2010


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I'm sure most of you have heard about how Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest flight for being "too fat" despite being able to lower the armrests as Southwest's policy states passengers should.

Blatant sizeism right there, and of course there are commenters around the internet saying "OMG LOSE WEIGHT FATTY" as if it's that simple. This is a policy that's been in place in many airlines around the world and many people have had to suffer the embarrassment of being singled out because airlines have tiny seats. It's sizeism to single out obese people and not say "larger" folks like those who are tall or simply broader than others. Airlines should make their seats larger or fix their policies to include other "customers of size."

The fact of the matter is, Southwest nor any other airline has any business kicking off paying customers who were following their rules. While Smith's experience was unfortunate, it's perhaps a good thing that it happened to someone with 1.6 million twitter followers. Maybe some CHANGE will actually happen regarding these policies.

For some reason sizeism is still "ok" because fatties are just people who are lazy, right?? No. Actually not. Yes, obesity is a problem in America and other western nations, but being assholes and shaming obese people isn't going to fix the problem! It'll only perpetuate it by not allowing these people to live normal lives. How are obese people going to exercise if they're constantly worried about assholes judging them? How will they eat? People constantly judge overweight and obese people and it's not easy to just turn away from all of that and not care.

I support the "Health at Any Size" movement. Why? Because they've really got the best idea. It doesn't really matter what one's size is, the important thing is being healthy. People should be taught to eat healthy and exercise without concentrating on weight loss. It's a lifestyle change and that's really what people should be working on, not the latest diet guaranteed to let them keep the weight off for 2 months. Weight loss will come, slowly perhaps, but the individual will be better off in that regard.

Unfortunately it'll probably never happen because the world is populated by a bunch of assholes who think everyone else's health is their business.

My Valentine's Day

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This is how I spend my Valentine's Day, if you care to read:
  • Cheesecake Factory with the boyfriend

  • Walking around the mall for two hours in order to wait to eat at The Cheesecake Factory

  • Playing LittleBigPlanet with the boyfriend

  • Watching Zombieland with the boyfriend

I think it was quite productive.

February 13th, 2010

Blissful Ignorance

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I'm back. I never really left LJ though, I just tend to not write in it. I check various communities, but I guess I'm more of a lurker than a contributor. A leech, I suppose.

I decided to change my layout to a LittleBigPlanet theme. I bought a PS3 a few weeks ago and go this game. It's one of the best decisions I made I think, even if I really should be saving my money right now.

Over the weeks since my last posting I've come to realize a few things about life and the good ole American society I live in.

What is it? Ignorance really is bliss.

I realize that life was much more simple and perhaps even happier when I just didn't know things. I've learned so much about how our culture works (and how it's racist and sexist) in reading different things and even through my own study of American History (my major). I could watch a show without noticing the sexist or racist elements—I could just enjoy it. I can't do that now; I notice things without even meaning to.

This is not to say that knowledge is a terrible thing; I really do enjoy learning immensely. I just realize that my life will forever change because of knowledge I've encompassed. It's good that I realize things are racist and sexist because I can stop supporting these perpetuators of problems and educate others on why certain things are racist and sexist.

It's not going to be the popular route, but I certainly feel it's the right one.

September 9th, 2009


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Wow, I can't believe it's been exactly 10 years since the Dreamcast came out. I remember watching the commercials for it and really really wanting it. I was only 11 at the time, but I was a SUPER HUGE Sonic fan, and my Saturn was severely lacking in the Sonic games. The newest Sonic game I had played at that point was Sonic 3D Blast (and we all know what a trainwreck that was). I know there were other Sonic games out at the time (Sonic R comes to mind) but I never actually got to play them until about five or six years ago.

Being only 11, I lacked the funds to purchase it myself. I begged my parents to get it for me for Christmas, but they said no (my father didn't think it was a good console). It's not like I didn't have other games to tide me over at the time (we had an N64, a Playstation, and older consoles), but I really wanted to play Sonic Adventure! I had watched a news report on the Dreamcast and the clips they showed from Sonic Adventure were absolutely breathtaking (well, it was 1999..) and I couldn't wait to get my hands on that game.

It wasn't until months later, around Easter, when we went to visit my Uncle that my Dad considered purchasing the console. My Uncle had it and we played it a lot, and my Dad was convinced. We wound up getting it for Christmas 2000.

ANNNNNDD I flipped! I was 12 at the time so I didn't have any responsibilities. I played Sonic Adventure for hours and hours without stopping (I just couldn't stop) and before school started up again, I beat it. I would then focus on raising Chao and have fun with my blue VMU.

I remember calling up my Uncle to tell him I beat Sonic Adventure and he said "You know there's a second one coming out soon, right?"

I really don't remember what I said at that point, but I do remember running to the computer to check it out. When Sonic Adventure 2 came out, I practically flew to the R Zone in Toys R Us to purchase it.

I had loads of fun playing Phantasy Star Online, and I still find myself missing the MMO. I could still go back and play it if I wanted (I currently have it on my laptop) but I really lack the time to play it the way I could when I was 12.

So happy birthday Dreamcast! It's a shame many didn't give you a chance, you were really an awesome console.

August 29th, 2009


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I returned yesterday from Disney World with the family :) I had an awesome time. I shall totally type more about it when I feel like it. :D Look for pictures soon too! I took a lot.

The biggest "O___o" moment was going back to Magic Kingdom two days after first visiting it and finding the place decorated for Halloween.

August 23rd, 2009


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You know, I really think my next computer is going to be a Mac, forever and ever.

Why? The apple store really treats you well. I love it. You DO spend more, but it's really money well spent on an excellent computer with a great OS and if something goes wrong, there's awesome staff looking out for you.

So anyway, the casing on my white macbook had been coming off. It wasn't a major thing, it was just coming off in a few places and it was a known design flaw in the polycarbonate macbooks. It had to be fixed, but it wasn't something that needed to be fixed OMG RIGHT NOW. I had previously tried to get it fixed, but I was told it could take a week. At the time I needed my computer, so I decided to wait until I wouldn't need it/could make do with my Dell.

Well, I had finally decided to move my butt and make an appointment (because my Dell now has the Adobe CS4 Master Suite, so if I need to get some work done, I can) to get this thing fixed. I made sure to make a backup of my data (effing LOVE Time Machine <333) and I headed to the apple store.

It was a little crowded—not really surprised about that—and I checked in with my appointment. I was seen at EXACTLY my appointment time and the guy I went to was really great. The other Genius next to him struck up a conversation with me about Sonic because my wallpaper was currently switching between Sonic ones XD.

Anyway, the Genius handling my case was awesome! He was able to get the tech in the back to fix my laptop in a half hour. No waiting a week or two, I got it back right there! I was so happy and it looks like brand new now!

This is my first mac (I've had it for a year now) and I'm really loving it. I still like PCs, but I really see why people love Apple and their computers. They not only make great stuff, but they make sure to take care of you too.

Paper Mario Series Completion Status: Chapter 2 of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

August 16th, 2009


nikki icon
I saw Ponyo yesterday with my little brother. It was adorable! <33 I had a really great time.

I don't think this movie was one of Miyazaki's best, but it was still a wonderful movie, and I really want to watch Spirited Away now. My brother and I are hoping that Netflix has it available to watch instantly—we don't feel like waiting for a DVD to get here. XD

Got back into the Paper Mario replaying today after getting sucked into Mirror's Edge for a while (I was trying to get the achievement for completing the game without shooting anyone, I succeeded!). I think I'm enjoying the music in Thousand Year Door a lot more than the original.

Paper Mario Series Completion Status: Chapter 1 of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
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